While the world-class shows, fine dining, and sophisticated shopping districts in Las Vegas are super Gucci, they only come in as a close second to the glitzy nightlife that this desert oasis offers. 

The parties in Sin City get so lit that they might be needing their own flag and national anthem soon—and this is exactly why Las Vegas is highkey known as “The Party Capital of the World”.

If you’re planning your very first adventure of club hopping in Vegas, we don’t blame you if you have a bunch of questions rushing through your head. Luckily, we’re here to guide you through the exciting world of bottle service, booming sounds, and red velvet ropes.

With these helpful do’s and don’ts, your club hopping experience in Vegas will be the G.O.A.T.! 

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Dress Code

Don’t Ignore the Dress Code  

Dress codes are more than just rules to get you to dress to the nines. Whether you decide to follow a club’s dress code or not ultimately becomes the deciding factor at the door—and you want to actually be able to get in the club, right, fam?

No need to panic, though, as most nightclubs pretty much share the same dress code and you don’t need to be a secret spy to decode them. 

Steer clear from flip flops, sneakers, shorts, sweatpants, hoodies, baseball caps, and other fashion items that would look better on the beach or at the mall. (*Gasp* fashion faux pas!) 

Do Wear Your Best Drip 

Las Vegas is neon shiny, so it’ll be simply illegal to show up dressed like you don’t care for the aesthetic. We know that tracksuits and sneakers are comfy AF, but who would pass up on the opportunity to throw on a sequined dress or sleek suit?

For women, a semi-formal dress or pants paired with a nice top and high heels will work perfectly. For guys, a collared shirt with slacks and dress shoes usually do the trick.

Style Versus Comfort

Don’t Compromise Comfort for Style

It’s all about the drip because that’s one of your keys to earning the bouncer’s favor. Seriously, the guy has the power to turn you away if you aren’t adhering to the dress code, but that doesn’t mean you have to endure horrifying foot pain in order to look the part.  

Do Find the Perfect Balance Between Comfort and Style 

Ladies, if you’ll be rocking your sky-high stilettos, remember to pack a compact pair of doll flats in your bag to save your feet from blisters when you head back to the hotel at 3 A.M. 

Gents, you may not be clad in high heels like the ladies are, but NGL tight leather dress shoes can take a toll on your bunions too. Make sure to shop for shoes that are just as dressy as they are comfy.


Do Attend Day Parties

If you’ll be club hopping in Vegas during the peak of summer, you’ll be crying with FOMO if you skip the day parties by the pool.

TBH, sometimes, dayclubs >>>> nightclubs.

There’s just something about basking in the poolside heat of the summer sun with your sunnies, and a cocktail in hand while the DJ spins the beats. It just hits differently.

Anyway, once the sun sets, the day party would have energized you to hit the nightclubs, so the fun never ends! 

Don’t Get Too Crunk

Skrt!  Put that fourth cocktail down and pace yourself, sis! You might be tempted to test your alcohol tolerance at the day club while you splash around in the pool, but we urge you to take a step back and maintain some form of soberness if you don’t want to blow your chance of getting through the door at the nightclub tonight.

Yes, you read that correctly; if the bouncer notices that you’re too wasted, they can tell you to come back next time. 

Guest Lists and Time Management

Do Find Your Way to a Guest List

Getting your name on a guest list by means of a club promoter or a guest list website is a sure-fire way to get into the club without any hassles. 

Don’t Be Late

We get it, it’s easy to lose yourself in the neon beauty of the Las Vegas Strip. But, when you’re club hopping in Vegas, remember that there’s usually a cut-off time and being fashionably late for the party is totally out of style. If you do choose to stick to this ancient ideal, then be prepared to stand in a looong line and pay at the door. (Aw, sucks to be you.) 


Do Enjoy the Entire Show 

Clubs are always brimming with an amazing lineup of talented artists who know how to elevate the party vibes in the room. This is why you should be sure to show up on time in order to enjoy the whole show and make the most out of your vacation. 

Don’t Leave the Club Before the Clock Strikes Midnight

If you’re there for the headliners, keep this in mind: headliners never perform before midnight in Vegas. It’s most probably some sort of Cinderella thing, but anyway, if you’re hoping to see the headliners take the stage, stay out past your bedtime!  

Partygoers enjoying club hopping in Vegas

Club Hopping in Vegas: The Desert Drip Way

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