Can you believe that we’re going to be ringing in 2022 in about three months? We’re not crying – you’re crying!

Since the year flew by so fast, it’s only right that we highlight the best of Desert Drip, because 2021 was the year of the party!

As the master of premier hip hop weekends, Desert Drip was a huge success. It brought the best artists on the planet to Sin City to feed your inner party beast with the hottest chart-topping hits. If you were part of the festivals, you know what we’re talking about (IYKYK). On the other hand, if you missed out, we’re probably hitting you with some serious FOMO rn, because you just had to be there. (Sorry, not sorry, fam!)

But there’s no need to be salty, because we created a recap of the stars who burned the stage of Desert Drip 2021 while the people at the club danced ‘till sunrise! Who knows, there might even be a season 2 in the making — and that’ll be your chance to live your best life in Las Vegas! *Hint hint*

Desert Drip: Sin City’s Premier Party Destination

Before we traverse our 2021 lineup, we’ve gotta take a minute to flaunt Desert Drip’s bragging rights, ofc! (We’re super extra like that).

Desert Drip is the first premier hip hop festival in Las Vegas. For one amazingly low price, we offered VIP access to eight iconic pool parties and the hottest nightclubs over a span of four days and four nights. With a different headliner at each venue, the party was guaranteed to hit different every time. 

In 2021, tons of squads packed their bags and flocked to Nevada’s neon oasis to soak in the summer sun at the Let’s Get Drippy Weekend in August and Labor Day Weekend in September. Our festival hotspots included Tao, Encore Beach Club, Ayu at Night, Hakkasan, Drai’s Nightclub, and Jewel.  

 There’s only one way to truly experience Las Vegas, and that’s with Desert Drip!

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The Lit Lineup of Desert Drip 2021 


First up on our recap for 2021 is Tyga, whose music never fails to slay.

One of his most famous bops, “Taste” featuring Offset, peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100. The song ultimately served as the lead single for Tyga’s seventh album, Legendary, in 2019. 

In 2021, the rapper dropped “Mrs. Bubblegum”, “Nigo in Beverly Hills”, and “All My” featuring Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown. This live performance was one you did not want to miss.

OT Genasis

OT Genasis first started making mainstream music when he was signed by 50 Cent. Come 2012, the up-and-coming rapper was discovered by Busta Rhymes and signed to Conglomerate Records. After working on a few tracks, he achieved massive success with the song, “CoCo”, which peaked at the 20th spot on the Billboard Hot 100. We strongly believe that hip hop aficionados know this viral hit like the back of their hands!

DJ Mustard

The party doesn’t start until DJ Mustard drops a beat, and he’s one of the reasons why Desert Drip’s hip festival weekends will go down in history. 

As a DJ, record executive, songwriter, and beatmaker, this music magnate has developed a unique style that is club-oriented and up-tempo. Some of his hits include “Ballin”, “Want Her”, and “Dangerous World”

Oh, and allow us to take this opportunity to say: “Mustard on the beat, ho!” 

DJ Shift  

DJ Shift is a producer of epic proportions. Known for his versatility in multiple genres, this talented artist works like a music chameleon by coloring the room a different mood with every track. So, you can shift from one dance move to another with ease. We stan his style and are not sorry for the highly intentional pun. 

DJ Vice

Vibing with your squad by your side and your fave sangria in hand is the reason why we go to clubs, but when DJ Vice takes the stage, you can also enjoy traveling vicariously through his music. 

Inspired by some of the planet’s most beautiful places, DJ Vice loves to drop tracks like “World Is Our Playground”, which turns the club into Ibiza, Hong Kong, London, and Tokyo. No cap, there’s no way that this bop won’t pass your vibe check. The world is our playground; wanna play? 

Eric Dlux

Give Eric Dlux a stage and a turntable, and he’ll captivate the room in no time. This Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter started making music at the young age of 17. Once he entered Hollywood and Las Vegas, his sound became legendary. There isn’t a club in Sin City that doesn’t know his hits. 

Kid Conrad

Kid Conrad makes it happen, one party at a time. He may be relatively new to the Las Vegas club scene, but that doesn’t mean that he’s lacking any know-how with supplying the mood. This skilled DJ is a gem that you just have to see on stage.

John Summit

John Summit’s forte is dance music and his knack for this genre is a groundbreaking presence at the club. He totally lit up the Desert Drip stage. NGL, we’re still listening to “Thin Line”, “Beauty Sleep”, and “Deep End” on loop right now.  

DJ Kittie

This roundup just would not be complete without DJ Kittie, one of the queens of the turntables (the ladies don’t come to play, they come to slay). 

When you see this girl on stage, she’s never not spitting dance-worthy beats that personify EDM, hip hop, trap, house, and twerk. Get it, DJ Kittie!  

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The Best of Desert Drip: The Party Goes on in 2022  

The year 2021 will always live in our heads rent-free for many reasons, but one of the best reasons is the plethora of parties in Las Vegas that were absolutely fire

We can already sense that you’re excited for the parties that will light up the year 2022, so you better polish your radar for when Desert Drip 2022 tix are ready to be yours! 

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