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When you want to unwind by the pool during the day, then stay up all night in a high-rolling casino, there is only one destination that comes to mind: Las Vegas. 

Sin City is home to glitzy casinos, dazzling nightlife, and upscale entertainment—like Desert Drip’s annual hip hop festival. Basically, everything in Las Vegas is “extra”, so when packing your bags to hit up the neon capital, you better bring your A-game. 

Your packing checklist for Las Vegas is so much more than just your toothbrush and your phone charger, because this place isn’t playing when it comes to entertainment. Legit, the city is so magically unpredictable that you never really know when you need to get all dressed up for a party or when you need to throw on your best bathing suit. It’s just all about spontaneity. 

Whatever your Las Vegas itinerary may look like, you can’t compromise on packing, and that’s on periodt. Continue reading to find out what you should bring, and check them off your list while you’re at it! 

Outfits to Impress

The Strip is full of glitter, so in order to not fade in comparison, you’ve gotta go out there and shine just as brightly. This is exactly why you should pack fire ‘fits that drip in finesse and will turn heads wherever you go. 

While dressing to the nines in Sin City can make your Instagram posts look snatched, it also helps you get into the nicest clubs that have strict dress codes. Generally, the clubs and hip hop festivals in Vegas share a common dress code: the better you dress, the higher your chances are of getting in. 

For guys, dapper button-ups, dress pants, and leather shoes are the typical way to go. For the ladies, it’s usually required to don dresses, skirts, or a pair of stylish jeans and tops. Save your flip-flops and summer wear for the pool – when in the club or your favorite hip hop music festival, you gotta look ballin’. 

Pool Essentials

Las Vegas may be all about partying and gambling, but it’s also about luxurious relaxation by some of the world’s most amazing rooftop pools. Before hitting the pool to work on your tan, make sure you are armed and ready with the following: 

Bathing Suits

It goes without saying that Las Vegas enforces strict dress codes for their pools as well. Proper swimwear is required of all partiers, so take this chance to flaunt your snatched waist and stylish bathing suits. 

It’s basically just modest attire that’s on par with the establishment’s dress code. This is mainly because you’ll likely be walking from your hotel room down to the lobby and through the casino before you reach the pool. Once you hit the pool area, you’re free to remove the cover-ups and bask in the sun. 


Las Vegas is in the heart of the desert, so exposing your skin to direct sunlight for prolonged hours is a big no-no – especially if you don’t want to be burnt for the rest of your trip to Desert Drip! Don’t forget to hydrate and slather on some SPF to shield your precious skin from possible sunburns.


Sunglasses are super helpful if you don’t want to spend your poolside lounging squinting into the distance or shielding your eyes from the Las Vegas sun. They protect your eyes from direct sunlight AND they can seriously add a touch of class or fun to your outfit. 

Flip Flops

The clubs and casinos may frown upon flip-flops, but the pools welcome them with open arms. This is the most practical footwear for your poolside adventures, so pack a pair or two into your suitcase before jetting off. 

Wide-Brimmed Hat

A style choice, but also a great way to protect your face from the sun. Totally optional, but pack one anyway. You’ll thank us later. 

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Sensible Footwear

Las Vegas is a huge resort city, so you can expect to do tons of walking on the strip or within your hotel grounds. While dress shoes and sky-high stilettos are suggested for clubbing and fancy dinners, you should still take a pair of sensible shoes with you. They’ll keep your feet happy while you go shopping or strolling to explore the strip or partying at Desert Drip! 

Comfy Clothing

Now that you’ve got your sparkly cocktail dresses or suits packed, you also need to add in some comfy clothing like pajamas and sportswear. You’ll clearly need it for when you get some shut-eye or for when you want to hit the gym or play a sport. 

Oh, and don’t forget to throw in a jacket that looks good with all your outfits. The outdoors may be drenched in the sweltering desert heat, but indoors, it can get pretty chilly. 


We can’t stress this enough, but bring your own complete set of toiletries. You don’t want to spend some of your precious vacation time browsing the stores for a toothbrush, makeup, or moisturizer so pack it all in advance, people! 

Helpful tip: Buy everything travel-sized because when traveling, compact-packing is key! 

Event Tickets

Shopping, fine dining, gambling, clubbing, and pool lounging aren’t the only highlights of Sin City. It’s also the hotspot for amazing festivals.

If you’re heading to Vegas in the summer, you should definitely check out Desert Drip’s hip hop music festival, because that’s where the party’s at. It’ll seriously be unforgettable.  

Government-Issued IDs

It would totally suck if you landed in Las Vegas and realized that you left your IDs at home. Double-check these essentials before you leave, because without them, you won’t be able to get into the clubs and casinos – totally defeating the purpose of your vacay. 


Bring your DSLR, video camera, digital camera, or phone – anything that can snap photos, because as we all know – pictures or it didn’t happen! You won’t want to forget a single moment you spend at Desert Drip’s hip hop festival this summer.


We don’t have to tell you to bring your phone, because that’s a given, right? But we do want to remind you to pack your earbuds and charger.

Also, if you take specific medication, you should store them in a properly labelled container and tuck them into an easily-accessible compartment of your suitcase. Pack any important personal items that you frequently use in a separate bag for safety and easy access. 

The Las Vegas strip at night

Most Importantly: Bring Your Festival Mood

Don’t even bother heading to Las Vegas if you forget to bring your lively festival mood. Las Vegas is a resort city and the entertainment capital of the world, so if you better match the mood with an adventurous vibe. 

Sure, there are tons of shopping, fine dining, and nightlife options just waiting to be discovered in Las Vegas, but if you don’t come prepared to party Desert Drip festival style, FOMO is inevitable.

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