One of the best things to do in Las Vegas is eat to your heart’s desire — because food is life. There are so many restaurants in this neon oasis that will just live in your head rent-free. 

Las Vegas restaurants are aplenty in the Entertainment Capital of the World, so aside from being a gangsta’s paradise, this place is also a foodie’s paradise. Sure, gluttony is one of the seven sins, but when you’re in Sin City, the calories don’t count, right?

Packed with unique culinary experiences courtesy of talented chefs, you best prepare your appetite to throw hands when you land in Las Vegas. Whether you want to hit some Las Vegas buffets, munch on some savory barbecue, chomp on seafood, chow down on greasy burgers, enjoy some vegan cuisines, or indulge in Michelin-star delicacies, Las Vegas is the place to be (eat). 

We know you’re hungry right now, so we’re going to shut up and let this list of the best restaurants in Las Vegas speak for itself. Fam, let the tea-spilling begin – or should we say: food fight?!

BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark  

Are you afraid of the dark? If you are, then skip to the next item. If you aren’t, then this restaurant will definitely pass your vibe check with flying colors… or no colors at all. When you dine at BLACKOUT, you won’t be able to see anything at all for that matter!

BLACKOUT appeals to their guests’ senses by providing an innovative and slightly nerve-wracking dining experience in the dark. Carefully guided to a pitch black room, you will be seated by waitstaff clad in night-vision goggles. Then, you will be served with meals from a fixed menu designed to take your taste buds on an exciting journey! They’ve got lit food that you’ll taste, but never see. This place is definitely the CEO of eccentric dining. 

Yeah, at BLACKOUT, you’ll experience Vegas in a whole new light. 

Top of the World Restaurant  

Who wouldn’t want to wine and dine while a blanket of stars and moonlight stare down at you from the sky? 

Dining under the stars gets a whole new meaning at Top of the World Restaurant, and you’ll stan this place because it puts you on a pedestal. Perched at 800 daunting feet above the Sin City ground, this food paradise offers guests a stellar view (literally) of both the neon cityscape and the starry night sky. Visit this ethereal restaurant at the Stratosphere hotel and casino for a romantic date night with bae or some bonding time with the fam! 

Edge Steakhouse 

A real foodie needs at least one steak a day to stay energized, and Edge Steakhouse can cater to all your succulent meat cravings! 

As one of the best Las Vegas restaurants, this food haven personifies grace, elegance, sophistication, and a mouthwatering menu that will 100% make you forget about your diet. 

TFW you’re in the mood for filet mignon, Wagyu strip loin, dry-aged ribeye, cold-water lobster tail, or seared scallops, you can count on it that Edge Steakhouse totally gets you! We can already sense that you’re about to get your boujee fancy swag on. 

Korean barbecue and side dishes

Hobak Korean BBQ

You’ll be wallowing in FOMO if you miss out on dining at Hobak Korean BBQ! It’s authentic Korean BBQ or nothing, fam, and all foodies can agree. Driven by a beautiful ‘80s street style, you’ll be whipped for their laid-back undertones of nostalgic Asian flair that encourages you to stay for hours. The aesthetic of this BBQ kingdom was inspired by casual Korean dining and remodeled from a warehouse. So you guessed it, this place is Instagram-worthy!

Each table is equipped with a grilling station, so you’ll have fun cooking your own choice cuts to perfection. Dine at Hobak if you want to taste the flavors of Korea and create unforgettable Las Vegas memories with your nearest and dearest. 

Oh, and if you look long enough at the photos on their website, we swear you can smell the inviting essence of dry angus steak, brisket, mugi fuji pork belly, aged pork rib, and KIMCHI! Yes, it’ll be illegal to dine at a Korean restaurant and not eat kimchi; it’s food for the soul.  


Let your palate indulge in your favourite Japanese cuisines, as Zuma brings Japan to you! This modern restaurant features three kitchens: the main kitchen, the sushi counter (you’ll want to live here), and the robata grill (and then move here).

If you choose to spend your evening at Zuma, you’ll be diving into a menu of award-winning cuisines that flaunt the creativity of Japan. Our faves? The rice hot pot with wild mushrooms and the A5 Japanese Wagyu with fresh wasabi! 

Veggie House

Vegan food is superior, PERIODT. 

If this is your food prerogative, then Veggie House calls your name. This casual dining establishment is one of the best places to eat in Vegas — it feels like home after a long night at the club

Whether you’re looking for some spicy Pad Thai noodles to wake you up after a lit party or want some hearty veggie soup to warm your soul after a high-octane shopping spree, Veggie House will be your nirvana. Their menu is bedazzled with modern interpretations of classic dishes and is famous for their high quality and fresh ingredients. Wig

As one of the pillars in the community of great casual dining, this is one of the friendliest Las Vegas restaurants you’ll ever encounter!  

Minus5º Ice Experience  

Better bring a jacket, because even if you’re the hottest snack around, you still aren’t fire enough to melt the coolness at Minus5º Ice Experience

Located at the Venetian and Mandalay Bay, this place is literally made of ice. If the cold doesn’t bother you, you’ll love to have a drink at their ice bar that freezes at -5 C (the electricity bill at this place must be through the roof). 

When it comes to cool and fun places to eat in Vegas, this place is on the rocks! 

A person taking a photo of food ordered at a Las Vegas restaurant

Las Vegas Restaurants & Las Vegas Parties 

Once you’ve gotten your fill at foodie-approved Las Vegas restaurants, you’ll surely be energized and ready to take on the big neon city and all its lit parties and festivals. 

Desert Drip is the name and hip hop is our game! When we’re not fueling your summer with music from the world’s hottest DJs, we’re bringing the party to multiple weekends all summer long.

Wanna know where the party’s at? We’ll spill the tea right here! 

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