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The enticing backdrop of Las Vegas hasn’t only attracted millions of tourists, it has also long been a hot spot for filming music videos. It would take us years to talk about the millions of music videos that were created in Las Vegas, so we’ve taken on the daunting task of choosing our favorite ones. 

Have a bowl of popcorn and your Youtube app at the ready, because we’re taking you on a binge-watch trip with our fav pop and hip hop music videos shot in Las Vegas.

“24K Magic” By Bruno Mars

2016 was the year that Bruno Mars and his swaggy dance crew busted out their moves outside the Fremont Casino and cruised in high-rolling millionaire-style down the Casino Center Drive. 

Belting out those high notes, Bruno Mars injected his signature vocal prowess into a golden track that might as well be Las Vegas’ soundtrack. 

Aside from showing off his moves, the hitmaker showed off Vegas’ beauty and glamor by singing about spending money like it ain’t a thing. Dressed in sharp and dapper attire, he totally lived up to the lyrics, “wearing Cuban links, designer minks, Inglewood’s finest shoes.” 

24K Magic, indeed.  

“How I Feel” By Flo Rida

Sure, 21st Century Las Vegas is great, but you haven’t lived the party life until you’ve gotten all glammed up and attended a classy 1920s-style soiree. Flo Rida’s high-octane music video takes place in the modern scapes of Planet Hollywood at a faux speakeasy club. We know what you’re thinking, it looked like the real deal, but trust us, it was all make-believe. The retro vibe of the music video was completed with a live band that dropped the beat via trumpets, trombones, and bass guitars. 

Once you hit play on this song, you’ll be transported back in time by the trumpets and rich vocals. The swanky decor, the VIP booths, the high-risk gambling, and the fashion-forward ensembles that are predominantly velvet. Did we mention the showgirls, old-school cigars, and glitzy jewels? “How I Feel” is a song and music video that personifies the spirit of The Great Gatsby in a time saturated with excessive twerking. 

After watching this clip, you can finally answer Flo Rida’s question, “How I Feel?”. You’ll feel sparkly. 

“Do You” By Miguel

Are you one of the people that swooned over Miguel’s velvety falsettos? If you are, then you can play this music video that was shot in Las Vegas on repeat and swoon over his vocals and the gorgeous visuals of the city as well. 

The risque yet tasteful premise of the music video is a new side to the usually brightly-colored entertainment town. 

To make the Las Vegas music video even more attractive, it features the singer’s longtime girlfriend, Nazanin Mandi. Now you know why the chemistry between the two was so real and natural. 

The storyline of “Do You” puts an unconventional twist on the subtle Vegas vibe. Flashing only a few bits and pieces of the Vegas Strip, viewers get a little taste of the city’s beauty – but we suppose that’s what makes this Las Vegas music video so enchanting. With bold shots of the desert, we are reminded of how mesmerizing Sin City and its surrounding landscape truly is. 

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“Signs” by Snoop Dogg ft. Justin Timberlake and Charlie Wilson

Let’s throw it back to 2006 when the legendary trio of Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, and Charlie Wilson gifted us with a Vegas-themed track smooth as butter. Just when you thought that the perfect party anthem doesn’t exist, you go back in time and find this gem! With Justin Timberlake demonstrating his iconic moves in front of the Binion’s Horseshoe Casino, you’ll be ready to bust out a few moves of your own. 

All “Signs” point towards Vegas. 

“Waking Up In Vegas” By Katy Perry

Okay, so “Waking Up In Vegas” by Katy Perry is the most Las Vegas music video you’ll ever see!

The title alone sets the tone for the chart-topping songstress’ quirky and outlandish adventures in the entertainment capital of the world. Depicting the ups and downs and risks and triumphs in the gambling scene, Katy Perry parties in jaw-dropping outfits as she parades through the city in a way that only she can pull off! 

If “Waking Up in Vegas” is as fun and charismatic as she portrays it to be, sign us up!   

“Lollipop” by Lil Wayne ft. Static

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas: The Music Video Capital of the World

Las Vegas is known for its many nicknames: Sin City, The Entertainment Capital of the World, Neon Capital of the World, and City of Second Chances. There is not a single boring moment in this energetic vacation destination, as it caters to a wide demographic. 

Judging by the plethora of showbiz-related content that was brought to life in this city, we might as well add “Music Video Capital of the World” to its repertoire too. 

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