A man taking a day trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

Las Vegas is an oasis right in the middle of the Nevada desert, but you best believe that it ain’t a mirage! Sin City is as real as it gets when it comes to entertainment, fine dining, high-class shopping, eccentric shows, nightlife, gambling, festivals, and sports. 

The city of Las Vegas isn’t just the hottest venue for staying up passed your bedtime, it also offers fun day trips that’ll even make your haters hit that like button when you post your pics.

Are you ready, fam? Because we’re about to spill the tea on the hottest day trips from Las Vegas. Let’s get it!

Red Rock Canyon

Distance From Las Vegas: 23 Miles

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

If you stan the great outdoors with a passion, then you must know you haven’t lived until you’ve spent a day at Red Rock Canyon. We guarantee that you’ll be shooketh by this coppery conservation that’s jam packed with natural beauty. 

If you visit this natural wonder, we strongly suggest that you save your glittery drip for the club, because you’ll need some sensible sneakers and a water bottle when you climb one of Red Rock Canyon’s 16 hiking trails. NGL, the uphill climb is going to be a sweat fest of epic proportions, but the beautiful destination is totally worth it. 

Oh, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for those desert wildflowers because they’re everything!

Grand Canyon

Distance From Las Vegas: 126 Miles 

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is huge, and when we say huge, we mean it’s massive and you could literally get lost there. With 1,902 square miles to explore, you’ll have your hands full the entire day! 

Only a 13-minute drive from Sin City, this is definitely one of the best day trips from Las Vegas that you can take! When you get there, we urge you to brave that glass-bottomed Skywalk, get that adrenaline pumping with an adventurous ride on the zip line, and just binge-eat while your eyes get blessed by Mother Nature’s gifts.

Also, there is a section of the Grand Canyon that is located on sacred Native American grounds, and it even comes with a cultural center for those of you who want to learn more about the Hualapai people. 

7 Magic Mountains

Distance From Las Vegas: 25 Miles 

7 Magic Mountains

If there’s one thing we learned about the adventures of travel, it’s that you could always use some magic in your step. What better way to refuel that soulful magic than by going on a day trip to the 7 Magic Mountains

Created by Swedish artist, Ugo Rondinone in 2016, this enchanting structure symbolizes the coalescence of the natural and artificial. Painted in vibrant colors, this masterpiece stands out against the infinite desert. Trust us, it’s an Instagram-worthy sight! And in case you were wondering, it took 33 boulders, some serious blowing up, $3 million, and 5 years to complete this beauty. 

Lake Mead

Distance From Las Vegas: 32 Miles  

 Lake Mead

While being in Las Vegas is all about living it up, gambling your worries away, and flaunting your snatched waistline by the pool, it’s also about celebrating life. 

Sometimes, you gotta drown out the noise of the city to listen to the sound of nature. If this kind of stuff is your jam, then you’ll love Lake Mead, one of the largest man-made lakes on the planet. It’s the perfect venue for people who want to do yoga by the water, go for a swim, go kayaking, scuba diving, and engage in some high-speed water sports. 

If you prefer activities outside of the water, you’ll be happy to know that Lake Mead offers hiking trails, horseback riding, and fishing too! Once you see Lake Mead, we’re sure that it’ll be one of the best day trips from Las Vegas that you have ever experienced! 

Water baby mode: On. 

Mount Charleston

Distance From Las Vegas: 39 Miles

Mount Charleston

Snow in Las Vegas is impossible… or is it? 

Yes, no need to re-read that part, because snow in Las Vegas is totally possible, and when you’re sweating buckets from the scorching desert heat, you could use a little bit of cold. 

What is this sanctuary, you ask? Well, it’s called Mount Charleston, and it’s 100% a mood. This frozen oasis in the middle of the Nevada desert is home to the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort, so you can hit the slopes and engage in snowball fights all day long. Afterwards, you can thaw yourself out by the fireplace and a hot cup of cocoa (with extra marshmallows, of course!). 

Mount Charleston is perfect for a day trip or ten, because it’s just so hard to say goodbye to the winter wonderland and return to reality.

Spend the Day at Desert Drip’s Hip Hop Festival

When you’re all done being one with nature, hitting the icy slopes, and admiring modern-day art, it’s time to head back to Sin City for the ultimate day trip to cap off your vacay: Desert Drip’s Hop Hop Music Festival. 

Go ahead and wear those sky-high heels and sparkly drips, because… Distance From Las Vegas: 0!

Desert art  - Desert Drip

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