Sin City is all about the elite and expensive; it’s a haven where you can be a royal highness without offering any apologies. So, if you’re someone who wants that high life to hit different, you might be interested in the top cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas. 

We know what you’re thinking, fam; how can you score your favourite buds in Vegas without spending the rest of your vacay behind bars? Well, we’ve got you covered, because it’s totally possible to consume cannabis while you immerse yourself in the million dollar view of the neon sea also known as The Strip. 

On your mark, get set, let’s gooo – because we’re spilling the tea on the top cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas! 

Is Cannabis Legal In Las Vegas?

Cannabis was legalized for recreational purposes in the state of Nevada on January 1, 2017. If you are at least 21 years of age, it is totally legal to possess up to one ounce of marijuana for personal use in Las Vegas. 

Now, before you start thinking that you can light up a joint while you roll the dice at the Cosmopolitan, we’re going to press pause just for a moment. Cannabis can be legally consumed on private property only, as it is illegal to smoke or consume this substance in public, inside a vehicle, or on any type of federally owned land. 

Anyone who engages in this type of activity is at risk of paying a fine or doing some jail time. Get high responsibly, people. So, if you want to secure some cannabis products legally while in Vegas, you best make sure that you have your ID when going over your packing checklist

Now that we’ve got the legalities all spelled out, let’s whack some weeds!  

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Top Cannabis Dispensaries In Las Vegas

Planet 13  

Our first stop on this cannabis dispensary list is Planet 13. This is the largest cannabis superstore in the world (yes, you read that right!). Trust us, ya basic if this cannabis dispensary isn’t at the top of your list. 

Careful not to get lost in this colossal labyrinth of cannabis, as it boasts a total of 85 registers and a bunch of fun extra features that will blow your mind. With its touch-sensitive LED floor and random flying orbs, Planet 13 will transport you to a whole different world, and we aren’t even talking about the effects of THC right now

The best part is that it’s only a short walk from The Strip, so you won’t have to worry about wasting any precious time before you get your hands on the good stuff. After browsing and shopping their cannabis products ‘till you drop, you can rest your feet and grab a bite to eat at their cafe and bar, Trece. 

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace  

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace is all about cannabis convenience. This cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas is famous for its drive-thru window that will make grabbing bud easier than ever before! 

Vegas attracts over 40 million tourists on a yearly basis, and if a quick buzz is your mission, you can head over to NuWu, the only cannabis consumption lounge in Nevada. From bongs and pipes all the way to dab rigs and other consumption tools, these guys gotchu, fam!

If you’re searching for a chill place to unwind and smoke your cannabis products legally, this is the perfect place to get high! 

Nevada Wellness Center

If you want to support a cannabis biz that features a diverse workforce, then you seriously gotta check out Nevada Wellness Center! This thriving cannabis dispensary doesn’t just supply popular cannabis products, they also specialize in branded merchandise like clothing, hats, and smoking tools. It’s highkey the place to be if you want to wear your love for cannabis on your sleeve.   

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Sahara Wellness

Sahara Wellness is a women-owned dispensary that shines a light on the health benefits of cannabis. Brought to life with a warm and pleasant environment brimming with sophisticated stone accents and a mesmerizing water wall, you’ll 100% fall in love with the earthy feel and tranquility of this wellness center. You might even almost forget that you’re here for more lucrative reasons and instead want to go and get a massage! 

Sure, cannabis can be fun, but if you want to turn your trip into a healing and recreational activity, then you need to head over to Sahara Wellness, periodt

Give us cannabis, but make it spiritually healing.  

Complete Your Trip with Desert Drip

Now, getting high doesn’t always have to involve some leaves, a lighter, and a bong. That’s great and all, but that Vegas high can truly be experienced by means of electrifying music that jolts through your veins and encourages you to tear up the dance floor with your moves; and  that’s exactly why Desert Drip exists. 

This year, you can feel that “festival high” this Labor Day Weekend. Give us a call to book your tix, because at Desert Drip, it’s party mode: on.

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