Hope we didn’t scare you too much, but anyway; Happy Halloween, fam! May your spooky season be filled with pumpkin spice and topped with the most epic Halloween in Vegas! 

Let’s face it, the pandemic that started in 2020 was the scariest thing we’ve ever seen, so if you really want to terrify people this Halloween, you might want to dress up like everyone’s common archnemesis, Miss Rona

Whatever type of lewk you’re rocking on All Hallows’ Eve, make sure to follow your nose towards the smell of ghoulish parties, because all roads lead to Halloween in Vegas. From themed club nights and shows all the way to museums and interactive events, we’ve got it all for you. 

Are you ready for some inside information on the hottest Halloween events in Sin City? You better be, because the tea is served. Let’s get ghosty – not ghosted!  

Halloween in Vegas

Potted Potter

Calling all Potterheads; mischief and magic await at Bally’s Resort and Casino! Please shine your wands, iron your cloaks, and enjoy this show with this comedic version of the legendary Harry Potter franchise. Potted Potter is a 70-minute performance that puts a hilarious twist on the seven-book series. We’re highkey craving some butterbeer rn.

Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum  

This museum is filled to the brim with paranormal artifacts and is definitely not for the faint of heart. If you’re brave enough to take on the challenge, this place will definitely live in your head rent-free for a few days. Rigged with horror-movie-like lighting and terrifying jump scares, Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum is the place to be for Halloween enthusiasts who aren’t afraid of a little scare on fright night. 

Our advice? Go in big groups to dampen the fear a little.

Las Vegas Haunts   

Las Vegas Haunts presents two horrific attractions that will make your Halloween experience unforgettable. These creators get serious steez thanks to their talent for scaring the crap out of people, and once you enter Hotel Fear or Asylum, you’ll know what the buzz is all about. 

Hotel Fear is driven by a creepy storyline wherein a resort has been immersed in a lot of carnage. The worst part? The victims and the killers haunt the halls! 

The former checks guests into a forsaken resort while Asylum subjects guests to an old medical facility that has become a harrowing space for experiments and torture. 

Las Vegas Haunts supplies so much fear factor that we won’t even judge if you decide to yeet yourself out of there and run home ASAP.   

Zombie Run 5K & 1-Mile Walk

Thank goodness that zombie outbreaks only happen in the movies, so you won’t be running away from the undead on Halloween. Instead, you can run for fun clad in your best undead costume. 

Geared towards people of all ages, the Zombie Run 5K & 1-Mile Walk will unleash your athletic side on the scariest day of the year. There’s nothing quite like a herd of vampires, witches, zombies, Harley Quinns, and Jokers running together towards their fitness goals. 

Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball

The biggest Halloween party in Las Vegas is turning 25 this year, and the risk of FOMO is high if you don’t show up! 

Featuring world-renowned DJs, live theatrical performances, aerial acrobatics, and Halloween ambiance to spare, you’re finna love it here! 

Dress to impress, fam, because it’s wild and whimsical at the Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball in Las Vegas.

Gilcrease Orchard

Some people are thrill-seekers who want to go all out crazy, on All Hallows’ Eve; others would much rather head to Sin City to pick pumpkins, and that’s okay. 

If you’re a fan of the sereneness that drives you to love the beautiful lowkey things in life, you’ll be in your element at Gilcrease Orchard!

This wholesome haven for good family fun is only a 30-minute car ride from the Strip. As the total opposite of the neon light paradise, this pumpkin patch offers you the opportunity to pick your favorite to make a quirky jack-o’-lantern. After harvesting some pumpkins, you might even want to sit down to revel in the picturesque scenery while you munch on some homemade cinnamon donuts and sip on fresh apple cider. 

This place is usually packed during the fall season, so make sure to be an early bird! 

Oh, and did we mention #InstaWorthy?  

A sun setting over a pumpkin patch

Hallowheels: Trapped Haunted Drive-Thru

Okay, we know what you’re thinking; drive-thrus are supposed to provide burgers, fries, and soda, not screams, right? Right, but since it’s Halloween, even the drive-thrus are out to get you. 

This immersive post-apocalyptic themed show is brought to life by talented actors and a scary script. You don’t have to run away screaming, though, because TBH, you’ll be safe in the confines of your car the entire time. Hallowheels: Trapped Haunted Drive-Thru is mildly chilling yet 100% captivating. 

Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum

Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum features props used in horror movies and costume pieces that represent the world’s most iconic cinematic monsters. 

No dinosaurs here, but we guess there’ll be Frankenstein and Dracula waiting to greet you at the door. Trick or treat? 

The Party Restarts in 2022

Halloween is the perfect time to dress up like a villain and be the life of the party, but when summer comes rolling around again, you’ll be the main character of the hottest festivals in Las Vegas! 

In 2021, Desert Drip was the place to be for the most exclusive parties in Sin City, and you can count on it that we’ll be back in 2022 because the party must go on!

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